I just talked to a Samsung rep and he was not aware of a way to remove it. He said you have to pull down the notifications menu, tap it, and then close it essentially dialing and then ending the call. There is not much said in it about this full manual, pages, not a quick guide.

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They pretty much just tell you what voice mail is, how to set up voice mail server and listen to voice mails. In Idle mode, open the application list and select phone icon , Keypad and then tap and hold 1. Follow the instructions from the voice mail server. You must save the voice mail server number before accessing the server. They don't even tell you how to clear the notification bar.

They seem to be expecting that the user will know this by logic. Most manufacturers of Android handsets seem to be under the impression that Android is intuitive enough that they don't need to say many words about it in the manuals. Some manufacturers have more proper manuals, thoroughly explaining every detail, while some will just have quick guides.

May I ask why these notifications about voice mail bother you so much?

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 How-To

Are you using voice mail? If you are not using it, then there is always the option to disable it, and you won't be getting any more of those. You can tap the "new voice mail" icon from the notification bar to dial your voice mail inbox and listen to your voice mails. If you are not using voice mail, or if you are not using it frequently you always have the option to disable it. If possible, you could try upgrading to Android 4. That requires rooting your phone and installing a custom ROM.

This is the least wanted option for several reasons, the expense being usually number one. But sometimes it is the best and quickest solution that allows you to get on with your life and worry less about problems with technology. I would personally not change my phone just to get around this type of issue. Make sure you thoroughly test your new phone so you know it does what you want. It's usually not possible to test every feature in the store, you need to take it home and test it properly. Some carriers will allow you to bring the phone home and test both the phone and the service for 14 days, without commitment or signing any contract.

My carrier Tele2 has this option. Remove the number and save changes. There is also the option "Voicemail service".

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 - Set up your phone for email - Safaricom

See if you can just disable the service that way, instead of messing with numbers. It doesn't say in the manual what options you have, so you need to see for yourself. You can always continue using your voice mail. It's just that you won't be getting these annoying messages every time you get a voice mail. All you have to do in the future is just call the number for your voice mail inbox.

You can just save that as a new contact and call it to check for new voice mails. All you've got to do is hold it down, go to app info, untick and retick 'show notifications' and then it should stay off the notification bar after reclicking it. If your device is running Android 4.

getting started with : Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to clean the voice mail in the notification screen? Ask Question. How to clear the notification screen, without listening to the voice mail?

cannot delete voicemail receivd icon from samsung galaxy ace

The phone is Galaxy Ace GT. Theta30 Theta30 1 1 4. Don't you have a Clear button in the top right corner? Come on I put the same color that it appeared to me InputEventApp 1. Task 1: Like to get the rest that do not pay at all and neither would change if we take Apologies for the big list, and posted in the wrong place, and translated English, because I'm Brazilian!

Remove Gmail Account - Samsung Galaxy J1™

I thank the help! Join Date: Mar The first question is: I have the same problem and i want to make a updater-script that remove the apk and the related odex file.

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The list of app is: Senior Member. Jul Imus, Cavite. Feb But i want to write a script that make it automaticaly, if it's possible.